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Materialise Onsite advantages

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  • NextDay service available
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Materialise OnSite offers one of the most extensive ranges of 3D printing materials online.

NextDay service

Available materials:

  • Poly1500
  • Tusk2700W

NextDay prototypes are manufactured with our stereolithography technology, using high-quality epoxy. We have built patented NextDay machines  with a 0.15 mm layer thickness that work faster than the standard stereolithography-machines. This technology enables us to build and ship your models on the same day they were ordered.


Available materials:

  • Poly1500
  • Tusk2700W
  • TuskXC2700T
  • TuskSolidGrey3000
  • Protogen white
  • Xtreme

Starting from a 3D file, a part is built slice by slice from bottom to top, in a vessel of liquid epoxy that hardens when struck by a laser beam. Stereolithography is mainly used for “show and tell” parts and visual prototypes.

Laser Sintering

Available materials:

  • PA
  • PA-GF
  • Alumide
  • TPU 92A-1

Starting from a 3D file, Laser Sintering builds parts layer by layer in functional PA12 material. Laser Sintering is used for fully functional prototypes and series of small components.


Available materials:

  • ABS
  • ABSi
  • PC
  • PC-ABS
  • UltemTM 9085

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) constructs three-dimensional objects layer by layer in engineering thermoplastics. FDM is used for functional prototypes and prototypes for form and fit testing.


Available materials:

  • Verowhite
  • Fullcure
  • Tangoblack
  • Tangoblackplus

Objet’s patented PolyJet inkjet technology works by jetting state of the art photopolymer materials in ultra-thin layers (16µ) onto a build tray layer by layer until the part is completed. Polyjet is used for models with fine details or rubberlike materials.

ColorJet printing

Available materials:

  • Multicolor

ColorJet printing systems produce high-definition, full-colour models quickly and affordably. By printing parts directly in colour, attractive lead-times can be offered.